Design is an experience

Ekamatra by Garima Goel and Reshma Shrinivas was founded on this philosophy. The brand aims to create exclusive design experiences by delicately fusing elements of decor, furniture, and decorative lighting.

We’ve curated the Ekamatra experience for corporates, hotels, events, and homes that want gifts and interiors to speak their language; narrate stories of culture and ethos.

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Extending a helping hand

Every product at Ekamatra is handcrafted delicately, with love, by artisans and craftsmen across India. By sourcing our products directly from manufacturers, we touch lives; creating a means of stable income for these craftsmen; open their doors to a better, happier life.

Our support will go a long way in encouraging their skill; in keeping the spirit of Indian craftsmanship alive for the decades to come.

Our Founders

Garima Goel is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur with extensive experience in the marketing industry. For over fifteen years, she conceptualized and created Illumination, a leading homecare perfume brand, spanning across more than 500 stores in India. Her time in Illumination inspired her to follow her passion in design and marketing. She founded Ekamatra by GG in Nov 2017 as a way to take forward her dream of establishing an exclusive brand of hand crafted, export quality décor and gifting items.

Reshma Shrinivas is a multifaceted, successful entrepreneur, handling a myriad of business start-ups. An alumna of UC Berkeley, she always has the pulse on what the next big thing is and can be relied on for her keen business sense. She has created multiple brands, building them from scratch and taking them to an enviable positions. Reshma is a co-founder and partner at Ekamatra by GG. Her strong business minded approach and experience is a necessity for Ekamatra, to take it to the pinnacle it aims for.


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